The beginner of the tatami

The tatami mat of the Japanese tradition?

★ The one to have used farm products and natural material   There is one which doesn't have heri, too.

★ The traditional tatami mat doesn't use agricultural chemicals and a chemical mothball as the present to the god.
★ If being the tatami which is well-informed about the god, it is severely limited to the way of growing farm products.
  The abundance and the relaxation and the happiness of the cathexis and the heart come.

 @ The cloth in the tatami side
 A heri The paper which is below
 B The one which was woven with the grass in the tatami surface
    The kind of the grass is called Japanese name igusa and ryukyu-i.
 C It uses a straw for the heartwood of the tatami mat.
    The cheap imitation includes the one to have firmed a timber chip.