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 Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki city
kenkoutatami ueda shop ⇒outdoor museum
 The movement time is about 55 minutes from the shop.

 kenkoutatami ueda shop
  ⇒It takes a taxi or a bus.(The ride time is about 10 minutes.)
  ⇒seya station(sagami tetudou train)It transfers at the next station.
  ⇒yamatyo station( odakyu train )小田急線
  ⇒mukougaoka yuen station
  ⇒12 minutes of walking

Narita airport(Narita express)⇒kenkoutatami ueda shop
Narita airport(Narita express)
  ⇒sinzyuku station (82 minutes)
    odakyu train 小田急線
  ⇒mukougaoka yuen station
  ⇒12 minutes of walking
 The playtime
 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ( To 4 p.m. of the junction )
 The day of the recess
 Monday ( In case of the holiday, it opens ).
 The next day of the holiday ( In case of the weekend, it opens ).
 The year-end beginning of the year (12/28-1/4)

 Admission fee money The adult charge of 500 yen