The room of the tatami
We are making the safe tatami mat which is the best of Japan.

health tatami ueda Œ’NôA“c

Japan's safe tatami sale
It is the beginning of the JAPAN tradition to have made the best safe tatami in Japan and to have been evolved.

We thought of the environment.
It is wrestling with the research at the tatami mat and the habitation which doesn't use agricultural chemicals.

All products were developed by the expert of the safe tatami mat.

The safe room, the mind training and the relaxation
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The room of the tatami@kenkou tatami ueda

Japan@Kanagawa Prefecture@Yokohama city@seyaku Aizawa@7-8-8
The postcode@246-0013
The problem and the order@
e-mai linfo@ansin-t.jpƒ[ƒ‹‚Í‚±‚¿‚çB
‰»Šw”_–ò–h’ŽŽ† ”NŠÔŠ®‘S–¢Žg—p éŒ¾‰^“® ŽÀŽ{’†I
We don't use the mothball of the agricultural chemicals.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The menu

  1. The true tatami ?
  2. The true tatami mat and the safe tatami
  3. The expert of the safe tatami
  4. The experience which makes a samurai tatami !
  5. The tour which goes to see an old house in Japan
  6. The care of the tatami mat making
  7. The beginner of the tatami
The tatami which doesn't use agricultural chemicals The hotel where there is a tatami mat which doesn't use agricultural chemicals
ginnza [yosiomizu hotel]
It uses a homemade straw. The evaluated tatami mat which is high with the Japanese architecture trade paper There are " the kabuki theater@‰Ì•‘Šê " and "tukizi ’z’n " near the hotel.