The true tatami mat?

I saw a tatami mat in Europe and America.
The tatami mat became known by a lot of persons.
The meaning which is true in, wasn't known.

The tatami mat is a tradition in Japan.
There is history in 1400 in the tatami mat.
The composition of the present tatami mat doesn't change after 1400, too.

Only the emperor and the member of the Imperial family in Japan could use the tatami mat of the past, the tradition.
As for the tatami mat of the tradition, that the one except the emperor used could give very heavy punishment.The heavy punishment is death.
The tatami mat is the seat of the emperor.
It was used when the emperor slept, too.

The seat of the emperor was specially made as the tribute to the god.
The tatami mat workman of the emperor is a special human being.
It puts a soul in this tatami mat.
It is the same as the sword workman who makes the sword of
The tatami mat workman uses a soul and makes a tatami mat.

Igusa, too, was specially produced.
The igusa farmhouse of the emperor wasn't permitted to produce except igusa.
The living at the farmhouse who can not make a food is severe.
The farmhouse who makes igusa of the emperor was wonderful honor.
Igusa of the emperor was believed to have the power which cleanses a body, a heart and a soul.
igusa is seen on the marsh.
Igusa is known in the purge of water.
Indeed, it finds that igusa makes a marsh rest, being raw but that it purges away water.

After that,
samurai was permitted to use.
A tatami mat was used for the mind training, the relaxation and the meditation.
The room of the tatami mat is used for the martial arts and the Zen meditations such as the tea ceremony, the flower arrangement, the judo and the Aikido and so on.

Now, anyone can use a tatami mat.
It is not the tatami mat which was made for the emperor.
It is not a true tatami mat if not being igusa product in Japan
If the tatami mat workman in Japan is not a made tatami mat from various spiritual meanings, it is not a true tatami mat.

There is a way of laying a tatami mat from the old days.
Don't do a way of laying a mistaken tatami mat.
When making a mistake in the way of laying a tatami mat! It becomes unfortunate.
When doing a way of laying a good tatami mat! The luck and the posterity are prosperous.

Choose the safe tatami mat which the workman in Japan made.

It is useful for the autonomic nerve and it relaxes.

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