The way of going to the shop

Narita airport(Narita express)
        ⇒Tokyo station
                 ⇒yokohama station(sagami tetudou train)
                             ⇒seya station(It gets off the train.) 2 hours from the Narita airport
                                      ⇒It takes a taxi.
                                      ⇒The name of the shop is kenkoutatami ueda.
                                       (seyaku aizawa 7-8-8 Yokohama city)
You must keep a promise.
1、It comes with the person who understands Japanese.
2、It reserves the date and time by the word in Japan.

  The cost to experience is 100,000 yen.(In the required time, it is 4 hours.)
  It is to another charge that it brings away a tatami mat.
  It presents a mini tatami mat to the commemoration.
 It sews a tatami mat using the big needle.

The experience which makes a tatami mat